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Angel Dives organises a daily dive trip to the Marine Park of Hon Mun,
an island of the Nha Trang Bay and the most famous site in Vietnam for diving.
With over 350 listed varieties of hard and soft corals the dive sites are occupied
by tropical fish providing underwater scenic beauty with many magic macro moments.

Nha Trang is famed with divers finding the more rare and elusive varieties of nudibranche,
frog and scorpion fish. We also, from time to time, meet turtles released by The Marine Park Association. Hon Mun makes for nice relaxing diving allowing us to do a long dive as we can
adjust the depth by following the reef more shallow when air is running low, most dive sites allow us
to do our Safety stop at 5m over the reef below the boat.

Our diving boat has a low platform for easy Entry and Exit from the water. For safety we make small buddy groups to provide a personal service based on your goals and diving level. Of the many
dive sites available a brief description of our favourites are listed below:

bluestar butterfly lyon morish idol

Mamahan Beach: 0-16m
Shallow coral gardens with a gradual sloping reef make this site ideal for
Open Water Course or Discovery Dives.
Sites include: seahorses, lion fish, lobsters, Picasso Surgen Fish
and pipe fish among the common reef fish.



Mushroom Bay: 3-18m
A wide, shallow coral garden finishing as a sloping reef
provides for excellent snorkelling and training activities.
Sites include: octopus, pipe and ghost pipe fish, flying gurnards,
Indian walkman scorpion fish,
frog fish and scorpion leaf fish.

Moray Beach: 5-18m
A wide coral garden with a slope, this site is perhaps one of the best in NhaTrang
with 100's of different hard and soft corals its also a great place for snorkeling and
a good place to start your Open Water course on the shallow sand.
Sites include: moray eels, trumpet fish, lionfish, leaf fish and scorpion fish.

Coral Garden: 5-20m
As the name suggests there is large diversity of bay life at this site with some large coral structures. Sites include: lion fish, butterfly, flute and trumpet fish.

ghost pipe fish gorgona porcupine cave

Fisherman Bay: 5-25m
This wonderful coral garden is home to enormous table corals.
Sites include: nudibranch, fussiler, trumpet, cornetfish, cuttle, scorpion and frog fish.

Small Wall: 0-30m
A small drop off of coral formation from the surface to 20 meters,
this site allows for nice drift dives.
Sites include: nudibranch, cuttle and lion fish,
octopus, snapper, baracuda, grouper.



Green Canyon: 0-40m
Drop off of coral formation from the surface
to 40 meters, this site allows for nice and easy deep dives.
Sites include: scorpion and lion fish, nudibranches, snapper,
tunas and other surprises you'll only find at 40m!

Madonna Rock: 5-28m
Positioned around a big rock the sea brings nutrients attracting a variety of marine life,
you can dive from tunnel to tunnel and follow the reef back to the boat.
Sites include: large groupers, barracudas, nudibrances, ghost pipe fish and our resident 1.5meter Grouper hiding in one of the swim-throughs. Good for Deep and Buoyancy Specialty.

Light House1:0-30m
This deep dive is offered once per week, The twin pinnacles drop down a rocky slop, this dive offers
you a large diversity of nudibranches, porcupine puffer fish hiding under rocks and bigger ocean fish.

Light House2: 0-45m
The deepest dive site in Nha Trang, it's at the tip of Hon Tre island, opposite Hon Mun, this dive
is made for experienced divers and an excellent excuse to get the Deep Diver Specialty (4 dives).
Sights include Swim-throughs, nudibrances, bat, scorpion, trigger, snapper, baracuda, Stingrays and black tips have been spotted here too.
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